Our Team

Meet the people behind the clocks

Jürgen Clute
Jürgen CluteManaging Director
“If only I would have known what’s in store for me here, I would have been here much earlier.

My Motto: Time is valuable. Spend it wisely.

Favourite place to be: The Comer lake in springtime.

Petra Schilli
Petra SchilliHead of Finishings
I have loved and cared for the continuous production cycle of Anton Schneider and Sons since 1999.

My Motto: Always make the best of what you have.

Favourite place to be: At home with my sons.

Sonja Kühn
Sonja KühnSales
I’ve been in Anton Schneider and Sons since 2011, caring for both national and international sales and export. I love the fun and challenges that managing people in sales gives me.

My Motto: Simplify your life

Favourite place to be: Wyckoff, New Jersey

We Are Here To Serve You

From selection to orders to just making sure that you are comfortable with your Cuckoo clock, we are here to help! In our line of business there can be no bigger satisfaction than talking to a customer and making sure that we can guarantee smiles on peoples faces by doing what we love. E-mail us, give us a call or just drop by and we will try our hardest to answer any kind of question you may have. We can consult in you in the following and more:

  • Selection of the ideal clock for your needs
  • Detailing out a custom order
  • Guiding you in the maintenance and setup of your clock
  • Answering any questions on the making of and process of the cuckoo experience

Our Workplace